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As a composer of classical concert music, Michael S. Horwood has created over seventy original musical compositions in a great variety of vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic combinations. Each piece in Horwood's current catalogue of complete works is fully documented on this website, along with program notes, all known performances, instrumentation, durations, reviews, sound clips and available recordings.

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Amusement Park Suite will receive two performances by the Civic Orchestra of Tucson, with Herschel Kreloff conducting. The first performance will take place on Dec. 2, 2017 in Sells, AZ at the Performance Center for the Tohono O'odham Nation. The second performance will take place on Dec. 3, 2017 in Tucson, AZ at the Catalina Ballroom of the Jewish Community Center. (Oct. 1, 2017)
Two performances of National Park Suite will take place on Nov. 10-11, 2017, by the Summerville Community Orchestra at the Summerville Baptist Church in Summerville, British Columbia. (Sep. 28, 2017)
Residue was performed by Scott Whetham (tuba) and Eric Sutherland (vibraphone) on Aug. 23, 2017, as part of the 2017 FRINGE Festival in Edmonton, Alberta. (Sep. 28, 2017)
Four performances of Birds took place on July 22-28, 2017, as part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival. (Aug. 22, 2017)
Amusement Park Suite was performed by the Brandon Community Orchestra, conducted by Jarrett Fuller, as part of the Celebrate Canada 150 occasion, on May 6, 2017. (May 7, 2017)
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The Avalanche
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Percussionique CD cover
Percussionique is Horwood's latest CD release featuring a complete collection of his percussion works.

Michael Horwood is a member of or affiliated with the Canadian Music Centre (Associate Composer), the Canadian League of Composers (Composer Emeritus), SOCAN (performing rights) and SODRAC (mechanical rights).
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